Run for Nepal 2017

Run for Nepal started in 2014 with a simple message of "Healthy Citizen Prosperous Country" and evolved into a community event. From all communities, young and old come down to support and have fun while raising funds for inspirational charities. This year we are supporting THNA and SSAFA.
This campaign successfully reached its funding goal and ended 3 years ago
102% Funded
  • £508.00 Donated
  • £500.00 Goal
  • 20 Donors
Time left to donate

About the Campaign

Run for Nepal event this year’s chosen charities are; Armed Forces Charity SSAFA and The Help Nepal Appeal THNA, both are very close to the Community.

SSAFA helps all ex Servicemen and their families in time of difficulties and THNA focuses on empowering individuals, families and communities throughout Nepal.

Please join us to raise funds for these genuine charities.

The run has two categories:

Category 1: 5km

Category 2: 10km

Entry Fee: £5

Please arrive 10am to register for a mass start at 11am.

Just by donating £5, you get instant entree in our event.

Point of contact:

Vinod Shrestha/Jiwan Rai/Jody Lee Dontje and Kevin Bowman

Nepalese Community Nuneaton

Mobile – 07824514418

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  • Melvin

    I just registered for the Run for Nepal! Looking forward to the run!

    April 25, 2017 at 6:30 pm Reply

    • Vinod

      Thanks for all the support Melvin, you are truly awesome.

      April 25, 2017 at 7:00 pm Reply

  • Vinod

    Great start, many thanks for the kind donations Bhim, Tina, Subash and Ishwor.

    Really appreciated.

    April 25, 2017 at 6:59 pm Reply

  • Vinod K Shrestha

    Many thanks for the donations. Really appreciated for the support.

    May 11, 2017 at 6:23 pm Reply

  • shresthav363

    लन्डन । नेपलिज कम्युनिटी ननिटनले आगामी ४ जुन आइतबार एउटा च्यारिटी दौड गर्ने भएको छ । ‘रन फर नेपाल यूके’ नाम दिइएको उक्त च्यारिटी दौड चौंथो पटक हुन लागेको हो । दौडमा विभिन्न उमेर समूह सहभागी हुने कम्युनिटीले जनाएको छ । क्याटेगोरी वानमा ५ किमी र क्याटेगोरी टुमा १० किमी लामो दौड हुनेछ ।
    बिहान ११ बजे स्यान्डन पार्क, वेडिङटनबाट शुरु हुने दौड वेडिङटन ट्रेल, क्याम्प हिल कम्युनिटी नेचर पार्क, कोभेन्ट्री कनाल हुंदै स्यान्डन पार्कमा आएर समापन हुने जनाइएको छ ।
    ५ पाउण्ड शुल्क राखिएको उक्त च्यारिटी दौडमा भाग लिन कम्युनिटीले सबैमा आग्रह गरेको छ । यसपटक दौडबाट संकलित रकम आम्ड फोर्सेस च्यारिटी र दि हेल्प नेपाल अपिलका लागि प्रदान गरिने आयोजक कमिटीका सदस्य विनोद श्रेष्ठले जनाए । उनले दौड कार्यक्रमले नेपालीहरुलाई एकै ठाउंमा एकत्रित गरेर आर्थिक सहयोग जुटाउने बताए ।
    बिजेताले मेडल र प्रत्येक क्याटेगोरीबाट कपल वीनरलाई जिन्जर ट्रीले प्रायोजन गरेको ‘फ्रि’ खाना भाउचर दिइनेछ । इभेन्टमा बालबालिकाका लागि विभिन्न खेल र भूतपूर्व ब्रिटिस गोर्खा सेफ सालिक पुनको बीबीक्यू स्टायल खाना थप आकर्षण हुनेछ ।
    – See more at:

    May 24, 2017 at 4:08 pm Reply

  • Vinod Shrestha

    Just a day to go. Sunday 4th June.

    Direction – Sandon Park, Weddington, Nuneaton, CV10 0HG
    Parking – Free
    Registration – 10 am
    Entry Fee – £5 alternatively through online which is also taken as entry fee.

    Attractions – Milan Rai’s White butterflies, Saladmaster UK healthy cooking demonstration and taster, Everyone Active outdoor activities, Display of Nepalese Cultural Art and Handicraft, Raffle Prizes and BBQ.
    Many thanks in advance for being part of Run for Nepal UK, See you all.

    June 3, 2017 at 10:32 am Reply