Youth Empowerment Sponsorship (YES) Program

Our “YES” Program provides scholarships to children with the inability to attend school, allowing them to complete their education and be given opportunities they may have never had the chance to attain. By sponsoring a child, you could potentially be saving a child from being forced to work or marry by instead allowing them to go to school. You could be saving a child from poverty by creating a future full of knowledge and opportunity. By sponsoring a child, you could be changing their entire life.

Age: 9 DOB: Class: 4 Single Mother: Sandhaya B.K. Falling in love, Sandhaya married and decided to bring 3 beautiful children into the world. After the birth of her eldest son and then Aakrati and Aruna, unfortunately, Sandhaya was faced with looking after her children alone. Her husband, who she had loved, decided to abandon the family and no longer take responsibility for their care.
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By Melvin