We have spent years fundraising for our own charity, The Help Nepal Appeal (THNA). We understand the struggle of fundraising, and have become ever more confident with the process of transforming an idea into reality, on a growing scale.

For this reason, we have included this ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ page to support your journey. If your enquiry is not below, feel free to connect with us directly. We are here to help!

For further enquiries, please connect with us.

How does "Fund My Charity Work" work?

We are the most social, personal and empowering fundraising community that provides an easy-to-use platform for any charitable cause. Our online fundraising platform that enables people from all over the world to ‘Create a Campaign’ to support charitable efforts (their own or someone else’s), helping others to create a positive ripple effect in society. We are passionate and committed to supporting each and every inspiring individual who decides to fundraise with us, to make a positive difference with as little trouble as possible.

For this reason, we have broken down the steps on our ‘How it Works’ page, check it out here.

Who are the humans behind FundMyCharityWork? is not an automated computer, running via encrypted codes and online developed software, but two human beings passionate about empowering others to reach their full potential. We are Jody Dontje and Melvin Sjerps, two individuals dedicated to making a positive difference in this world!

Learn more about us here.

What do we truly value?

Melvin and I value, first and foremost, the power of Empowerment. We truly believe that if you can empower one, you can help and empower many. This is why we chose the FundMyCharityWork inspiring quote as being, ‘Help One Help Many’. We want to help you and as many people as we can around the world to realise their full potential, to help you help others in need.

Furthermore, we chose the logo of a raindrop creating a ripple effect, because we believe that one action can have a strong positive ripple effect. We believe in you and your cause, and the positive effect your efforts to start a campaign can have in society.

Start your journey with us and create your fundraising campaign right here.

We also immensely value Transparency; know that we are 100% non-for-profit and this is what makes us different to other fundraising platforms. Check out an in-depth overview about our costs here.

We are excited to have you join our journey, and to start your story online. Let’s create a positive ripple effect in society, and in the world.

What can I raise money for?

We are all human beings, we love, we have struggles, we overcome obstacles, and we change and grow. Let’s be the social beings we were born to be, and live together in a community that creates positive ripple effects in society, that truly makes a positive difference to others.

With this said, you can raise money for your own charitable efforts or the efforts of others (someone in particular or a charity of people making a positive difference). This could be for you to volunteer to help others somewhere in the world, to start an initiative in your local area, to donate to a charity you value with people working on a grassroots level or an immensely large scale, or you can even fundraise for our non-for-profit and transparent charity efforts in the developing country of Nepal (

For more ideas, check out our What to Fundraise For page!

How can I raise funds?

Whether you are an extravert or introvert, an outdoor adventurer, a party animal or bookworm, there is an abundance of fundraising options to raise money. Here are some ideas to get your creativity and innovation started:

  • Pledge Your Birthday
  • Host a Garage Sale
  • Run for a Cause Event (e.g. 5km-10km Run)
  • Host a Karaoke Night
  • Pledge Your Wedding
  • Trek for a Cause
  • Set up an Information Desk
  • Distribute Donation Tins Locally
  • Build Something for Charity (a Construction Event)
  • Throw a Dress-up Party
  • Host a BBQ
  • Host a Fitness Event
  • Host a Cake Sale
  • Have Your School Fundraise (e.g. Casual Clothes Day)
  • Put up Posters to Spread Awareness
  • Write to Your Local Newspaper / Radio Station
  • Host a Pot and Parma Event
  • Host a Dance / Music Event
  • Host an Auction Night
  • Host a Movie Night- Contact Your Local Cinema
  • Sell Raffle Tickets! (Can be alongside another event)
  • Arrange a Trivia Night
  • Host a Fundraiser Dinner
  • Sell Your Old Clothing- online or offline
  • Sell Your Old Books, or SELL ANYTHING!

For more ideas, check out our Fundraising Inspiration page!

What if I don’t reach my goal?

We will support you along your fundraising journey to hopefully reach your goal, and in the shortest amount of time possible. However, if you do not reach your goal, not a problem! As you will be sent the donations on a bi-weekly and monthly basis, you will receive the amount you did fundraise.

Should I share my campaign with family and friends?

Oh yes, absolutely! The main perk for creating your campaign online with us is that you can easily share your campaign, mission and fundraising goal with family and friends via a range of social media avenues!

Whether you’re fundraising event links with a physical event, such as a Movie Night or a Dance Competition, or simply is fundraising online, you can easily share the link of your profile to whomever you wish, via any social media avenue of your choosing.

You may choose to share your link via:

On your personal account, on a page you created or manage, on other pages or in groups.

Add a captivating photo to grab the attention of viewers (ensure you have appropriate hash-tags to spread awareness) and add the link below and in your Instagram profile description.

Add a captivating photo and a blog description to gain followers and views.

Linked In
Being a platform of people presenting themselves professionally to the world, with profiles that can often suffice as a resume/CV, adding your campaign link here can boost the amount of people who discover your cause, and also look very positive on your profile.

Promote your Profile link in the description of a video you upload. The video should promote your story and cause, and why people should donate to your campaign.

Add a captivating photo and/or video and a blog description to gain followers and views.

And many more social media avenues! Share your story, empower others to make a positive difference by also sharing or making a direct donation, and achieve the dream goal you know you can achieve. Be creative and share, share, share!

Can I write updates for my donors to view?

As the incredible Ted Talk experts know, 65% of any empowering and convincing presentation, speech, or call to action, should be storytelling. As human beings, it is stories that often connect us, that often move us, and that often inspire us to take action and to do something meaningful. It is with this valuable knowledge in mind that we ensured to provide the opportunity for you to easily write powerful updates!

Just click into your existing campaign profile.

Whether you prefer to write short, snappy updates, or (what we recommend) heart-felt and transparent updates, you can do so after creating your campaign and logging into your account! Be sure to thank the donors who already joined your journey by supporting your cause.

Can I get featured on your website homepage?

Be excited to know that yes, you absolutely can be featured on our charity homepage! This will help spread more awareness of your campaign and we do so automatically! All you have to do is upload photos on Instagram with the hashtag #fundmycharitywork, and we will happily feature you on our homepage, straight away! We are happy to help.

Don’t have an Instagram account? We recommend making one for your cause! Be sure to pay attention to the hashtags you add under your photo, these are the key to getting more views, likes and awareness!

Sign up to Instagram here.

Can people donate anonymously?

Yes, indeed they can! If, for whatever reason, a donor decides they do not want to have their name shown alongside their donation on your campaign page, they can select the option to be ‘anonymous’ during their donation process. Though, to show more transparency and for people to see that it really is others donating to you, it would be valuable to encourage your donors to include their name. But, it is completely up to them! No pressure whatsoever.

Can donors donate from their phones?

Yes, absolutely! We are proud to share that our website is fully mobile responsive! In a developing technological world, where reports have found that up to 75% of people worldwide have mobile phones, it is becoming ever more important to ensure that websites are fully mobile responsive. We wanted to give you that security, so feel free to have friends, family, work colleagues and even strangers donate straight from their mobile device! Oh, technology. It’s that easy.

Are there any time limits?

As we understand the psychology behind fundraising, it is important to present an ‘urgency’ to the people viewing your campaign. This is so your potential donors feel more energy to donate sooner, rather than later. It is a reality that people tell themselves “oh, I will have to remember to donate later” and then that ‘later’ never comes. Therefore, having a time frame allows there to be more opportunity for donations in a shorter amount of time.

If you wish to change the duration of time that you selected, feel free to email us and we will change the duration as soon as we get your email. You could choose to extend the time or shorten the time.

Let us know, we are here to help!

Will it cost me anything?

We are proud to inform you that it is absolutely free to ‘Start a Campaign’. We are also the only fundraising platform that is completely non-for-profit, so the 5% commission that is donated from your total funds goes towards our charity efforts with ‘The Help Nepal Appeal’.

As we value transparency, check out a more in-depth overview about payment charges (which we, unfortunately, have no control over) here.

Do my donors get charged?

We are happy to answer with, absolutely not! We ensured to set up a system where donors only get charged the amount they wish to donate. Therefore, you can assure anyone who wishes to donate that it is a clear amount for them to give. No hidden costs are lingering there, ready to surprise them!

How do I get my money?

With excitement for your fundraising progress, we will send your money securely to you in the end of the campaign via PayPal; simply email us if you have a specific time frame you would prefer.

All donations received via Stripe, will be paid out one week after the campaign has ended. Please note that Stripe processes the donations daily on a 7 day rolling basis. So we can pay out the donations, one week after your campaign has ended.

Let us know, we are here to help!

Is it safe?

Absolutely, we are proud to inform you that FundMyCharityWork uses industry-leading Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to keep your personal information as secure as possible. All donations are processed by professional payment service providers like PayPal and Stripe. We also never share your data to a third party; we value your personal data immensely.  You can read more about our ‘Privacy Policy’ here.

PayPal is a globally used and recognised payment system and online account platform. They pride themselves for their security. You can read more about their Safety Policies here.

We are also proud to inform you that credit card donations are being processed safely via Stripe. You can read more about Stripes safety policy here.

Should I add a profile photo?

Yes please, we want to see your pretty face!

I want to add a profile picture. But it doesn’t work. Help please?

Do not worry! The first thing to do is to hover your mouse over the current field and click on “remove”, in order to upload your own profile photo.

Straight after, you can conveniently upload your profile photo. You only need to drop an image in the correct field or click on “select files”. You may find that your photo is too large. If this is the case, as our site can only have photo files that do not exceed the max of 1.46 MB, you can compress the file within just a few minutes. You can conveniently do this online via the website(s) below:



After you compressed your image, make sure you save it on your desktop so it’s easy to locate on your computer. After that, go back to your profile, click on “select files”, select your compressed photo and that would be all!

Should I add a Bio?

Yes, please! The more personal information you can share, the better!

We pride ourselves to be the most personal non-for-profit fundraising platform out there and we kindly want to challenge you to open up to the world and share your personal stories with the rest of the world! The more personal you make it, the more likely it will be that your potential donors will actually donate money for your charitable cause!


Please, also add your social media accounts and website if you have!

What is the difference between “Our Organisation” and “Your Cause”?

Good question! You can choose to either fundraise for our charity (The Help Nepal Appeal) or you can choose to fundraise for your own charitable cause. Please know, that by fundraising through us, you also support our own charity. All donated commissions will be used to cover our own non-for-profit charity efforts in Nepal! We pride ourselves for being a platform of purely giving and making a lasting difference.

Could you help me with a possible campaign name that is suited for my cause?

Of course! We would love to help. Jody is a phenomenal writer (did you know, she is currently working on her own book? ;)). For support, email us on

Short description, how short is short?

The short description should be nice and snappy. Max 2 lines of text, that’s all! This is the short attention grabber to ensure people stay on your campaign page, and to better your chances of having them donate. Short and sweet is key! 🙂

I am not sure how much I should fundraise. Can you advise?

Sure, what is the min. amount you need to have the costs of your project covered? Do you have a number in mind? Great, now double or triple it! We want to challenge you in raising as much as possible. Do not go for the easy way out but challenge and surprise yourself in fundraising more than you thought would be possible! We are proud of you already!

How many days are advisable for the ‘length of days’?

As we really want to support you to gain more efficient donations, please know that it is important to mention a max length of days that the campaign will be running. This time frame creates urgency from your potential donors since they know there is only a limited time frame to contribute to your success!

Also know that if at any time throughout your campaign you wish to change the length of days, you are more than welcome to email us to alter your timeframe! No need to stress. You can email us on

I’m not sure which category I should select. Can you help?

Sure, we love to help! If you think your fundraising efforts do not fit in any of our current fundraising categories, please let us know and we will create a new category especially for you! (As long as you are fund raising for a charitable cause of course ;0).

Full description, any advice?

Firstly, go wild! But please use facts that are linked to your project and that are mentioned in your suggested amounts as well. If you are really struggling, you could use this layout of 3 paragraphs:

1: explanation about the charity/charitable cause you are fundraising for.

2: explanation about the specific project you are fundraising for.

3: more about yourself and your motivation.

“Featured image”: what is that?

This will be the main image shown in the overview of all other campaigns and this will be shown on the very top of your campaign. Please make it the most emotive photo that you have that captures everything you and your charitable project stands for.

I see I can add a video. But I’m not sure what to say or how to go about it.

You want to add a video? Great idea! Videos are extremely powerful in getting your message across and makes your campaign even more personal. Try to keep the video short and emotive, truly tell your story and share your inner drive; why are you raising the funds you are asking for? Sharing what it means to you personally is an incredibly powerful approach (psychology shows that 65% of any “pitch”, “speech” or “presentation” should be storytelling, in order to deliver the message across more powerfully and to truly connect with your audience). You can add emotive music in the background as well, amongst photos and videos, make it personal! Did we mention that we are the most personal non-for-profit fundraising platform online?

Should I add suggested amounts?

Yes, absolutely, please do! Suggested amounts linked to your charitable project is what makes it very clear for your potential donors. So viewers will know EXACTLY what they are donating for. We advise you to have a min. of 4 suggested amounts and a max. of 8 suggested amounts. You can start with a currency as small as 10 and go all the way up to 500 or more. Psychology shows that you can make the smaller amounts seem more affordable, when you show larger amounts next to it! (Marketing, yes, yes, we know).

Please start from a currency minimum of 10, preferably not any lower. It is crucial to note that transaction fees and currency exchange fees, charged by the payment service providers PayPal and Stripe, are relatively high on small amounts of 5, for example. In order to keep as much as possible from your raised funds, please start with suggested amounts from 10 upwards. Potential donors will always have the option to fill in a different/lower amount anyway, if they want to.

What Internet browser should I use?

To ensure you have the smoothest and most efficient experience with creating and managing your campaign(s), we do advise you use the following Internet browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari. Unfortunately, as it’s out of our control, our website does not work well with Internet Explorer. If you do have any issues while using our website, please change to any of the above-mentioned browsers and we hope that fixes any issues. If that still does not solve your issue, have a read through our other FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) or you are more than welcome to personally send us an email! We are here to help.