Straight forward Pricing

We are proud to inform you that it is absolutely free to ‘Start a Campaign’. We are also the only fundraising platform that is completely non-for-profit, so the 5% donation commission that is donated from your total funds goes towards our charity efforts with ‘The Help Nepal Appeal’.

Features and services you can expect:

  • Personalised Fundraising page
  • Mobile optimisation
  • Access to funds, even when you end a campaign before reaching your goal
  • Social media sharing tools
  • Ongoing support during the campaign (we are passionate to help!)
  • Become a part of our online community
  • You can be featured on our website! Just use #fundmycharitywork

As we value transparency, below is a more in-depth overview about additional percentage charges for PayPal and Stripe(which we, unfortunately, have no control over).

  • Free to start a campaign!
  • 5% automated donation from your total funds raised (as we are non-for-profit, 100% of this donation commission goes towards our own charity efforts for ‘The Help Nepal Appeal’)
  • As we cannot, sadly, control any charges out of our direct platform, the information above excludes credit card charges. Costs vary depending on the donation method used. Donors can donate via PayPal or with their credit card on our website. PayPal charges *3.4% + 0.35 euro per transaction. The credit card donations on our website are processed by Stripe, they charge 1.4% + 0.25 euro for European credit cards and 2.9% + 0.25 euro for non-European cards.


Please be advised that currency exchange rates apply when you are receiving donations in different currencies.

Please be advised that we are officially registered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Therefore, the transactional costs are displayed in euros. Below you can find a table that displays the transactional costs, the cost will vary per monthly revenue processed by PayPal.

* PayPal:

Monthly Revenue
up to €2.500 EUR
up to €10.000 EUR
up to €50.000 EUR
up to €100.000 EUR
> €100.000 EUR
Costs per transaction 3,4% + €0,35 EUR 2,9% + €0,35 EUR 2,3% + €0,35 EUR 1,9% + €0,35 EUR 1,5% + €0,35 EUR


In case of any questions, please check out our Questions page.