How it works: Online Fundraising

Whether you are a beginner fundraiser, or a fundraising expert, we want to ensure you know as much as you can about how to fundraise and how works. We are passionate about empowering others to realise their full potential, to put themselves out there in order to make a lasting positive difference, and to grow as individuals. Here are a few simple steps that make up the journey of fundraising through our online fundraising community.

Whether you are an extravert who wants to host a massive party with family and friends to raise money, or an introvert who prefers to promote online via social media, there are an abundance of fundraising possibilities. Physical fundraisers can contribute to the online fundraising amount.

Simply, press ‘Register’ and enter your name, a username you would like others to see, and your email address. Then, you instantly can ‘Create a Campaign’ by selecting a currency and then you can easily select to fundraise for one of the following two options:

1) Our Charity: ‘The Help Nepal Appeal’ is a non-for-profit charity empowering struggling men, women and children in Nepal. We are passionate about creating long-term positive change through innovative and sustainable programs that truly enable individuals, families and communities to flourish. We ensure that the people we help become independent and not dependent on our help.

2) Your Own Cause: You can fundraise for whatever charitable cause you decide, whether it is to fund your travels to volunteer or help overseas, or to support a charity you value, you can start your story and promote it online to gain support.

Easy to Follow Steps

To create a campaign, you can add:

– A Campaign Name
– Write a Short Snappy Description about your Campaign
– Choose a Fundraising Goal
– Campaign Duration (length of days)
– Choose a Category
– Write a full-Description
– Upload an image
– Even link a Video! (This is a super valuable option to help tell your story and promote your campaign to viewers)
– Create Suggested Donation Amounts (this is a special option which also allows you to write what that amount may cover E.g. $10 covers 1 night accommodation)

Your Profile

To create your profile, you can add:

– Your Name
– Your Email
– Address
– Write your very own Biography! (a description about yourself)
– Your organisation (if you have one)
– Upload your own Profile Picture!

You’re done! Click ‘Submit Campaign’ and your campaign will be live within seconds. Your fundraising journey will begin.

Whether you’re fundraising event links with a physical event, such as a Movie Night or a Dance Competition, or simply is fundraising online, you can easily share the link of your profile to whomever you wish, via any social media avenue of your choosing.

You may choose to share your link via:

On your personal account, on a page you created or manage, on other pages or in groups.

Add a captivating photo to grab the attention of viewers (ensure you have appropriate hash-tags to spread awareness) and add the link below and in your Instagram profile description.

Add a captivating photo and a blog description to gain followers and views.

Promote your Profile link in the description of a video you upload. The video should promote your story and cause, and why people should donate to your campaign.

Add a captivating photo and/or video and a blog description to gain followers and views.

And many more social media avenues!

We are dedicated to helping you to reach your goal, by providing you with helpful emails, videos (to really personalise the way to support you) and blog entries (which you can comment on and gain personal answers) that can assist with your knowledge of how to fundraise. If your campaign does well, we might even share your story to other campaigners, and on our Charity social media avenues.

Furthermore, if you use the hash-tag #fundmycharitywork, you automatically gain more social awareness by being featured on our website homepage. If your event becomes one of our most successful events, we will even send out an email promoting your event to the rest of our fundraising community.

If you have any personal enquiries, we are only an email away!