Walk for Kids 2018

This fundraising campaign is raised in order to support a project of the Namaste Community Foundation (NCF) in Pokhara, Nepal. The project is called "Walk for Kids 2018". The goal is to collect 15'000 Euro as a contribution to financing annual school fees and living costs of 10 children living in the children's home of the foundation. A successful campaign would help to cover a large share of costs for one year. Let's walk together - let's make a difference!
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About the Campaign

Hey there!

In February 2018, Lalita, Durga, Moiti, Purna, Anita & Jivan will be going on a trek in the Annapurna Conservation Area in order to raise funds for their home, the Namaste Children’s Home (NCH). The funds shall help to cover annual costs of food, clothing and education for their brothers and sister of the NCH.

The idea is, that people can ‘symbolically’ donate for a certain distance of the trek and can therefore become a part of the adventure! Pictures from the trek will be sent to each donor. You can for example contribute 25 Euro which would be equivalent to a walking distance of 50 meters. As such you can also contribute 50 Euro which is equivalent to 100 meters and so on and so forth. The Namaste Community Foundation aims to raise a total amount of 50’000 Euro (equivalent to 100km walking distance) as to cover costs for all children over two years. By raising 15’000 Euro (equivalent to 30km) of funds, I want to support the project towards a successful campaign.

The two main donors (highest donations) and two randomly drawn donors (by “Lucky Draw” at the beginning of January 2018) will be invited to Nepal to join the children on their trek!

What is actually happening with the funds? 

By raising 15’000 Euro I would be able to cover the following estimated annual costs:

Cost areas Total Euros (10 children) per child
Food Costs (Breakfast, Lunch, Tiffin, Dinner)  5’900.00  590.00
School admission and Tuition Fees  3’500.00  350.00
House Utilities (water & electricity bill)  910.00  91.00
Clothes, uniforms, and other wearings  910.00  91.00
Festival, Outings and entertainments  910.00  91.00
Sanitation (washing & cleaning)  820.00  82.00
Books & Stationery  570.00  57.00
House Repairs (electrical items, toilet, kitchen, etc)  460.00  46.00
Medical Expenses-House staffs  360.00  36.00
Kitchen Expenses (utensils replacements)  220.00  22.00
Training and Skill Development  180.00  18.00
Transportation and Bus fares  140.00  14.00
Child Insurance  90.00  9.00
 14’970.00  1’497.00

Note: The total annual costs are approximately 25’000 Euro (so 50’000 Euro for two years as mentioned above). Hence, there are more cost areas which are to be covered. For this fundraiser however, I chose the most important cost areas which can be covered with 15’000 Euro. If you are interested, I can provide you the full list of estimated costs.

I myself got the chance to experience the life at the Namaste Children’s House. In August 2016 I worked there as a volunteer for 5 weeks. Besides getting close to the wonderful children I also got to know a lot about the organization itself and its current and future projects. Nowadays it is hard to catch peoples attention for projects they cannot control themselves. Of course when giving money to an organization you want to be sure the money is spent for the things the project informs you about. Because I am aware of such kind of problems it is very important for me to inform as much people as possible that the Namaste Community Foundation really is a very well run organization. In particular, the foundation as well as all its employees are very trust-worthy. The different projects, such as “Walk for Kids 2018”, deserve to be recognized and also they deserve to be supported.
Since the trekking adventure is scheduled for February 2018, the fundraising campaign will finish by the end of 2017.  Since their establishment in 2003, the Foundation has changed the lives of a number of children and women throughout Nepal. The collection of this relatively high amount shall help to ensure the future success of the organization’s efforts.

For the support of all the lovely children and their needs in the daily life I hope to collect as much money for the project as possible!



I guarantee FULL TRANSPARENCY about all kinds of issues. So if there are any questions regarding the project, please don’t hesitate to contact me. You find the contact details on the website.

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