I would like to introduce Justine to our Fundmycharitywork network! Swagatam(welcome) Justine!

Justine is our first French fundraiser and we are very proud to have her on board. Thank you for choosing Fundmycharitywork.com to raise funds for charity!

She started volunteering for The Help Nepal Appeal since this week and she is running an online fundraiser at the same time! With her campaign she is supporting 10 rural Special Needs children in the rural Tanahun District of Nepal to gain clean and sanitary individual beds for each child.

Please help Justine’s mission come true and check out her online fundraiser right here.

Biography Justine Camus

I am a French girl of 23 years old traveling in South-Est Asia since 6 months, including 1 month in the beautiful country of Nepal.

I wanted to give some of my time, and use my skills and energy to people whom need it, so I decided to join as a volunteer The Help Nepal Appeal charity team, an organization which help men, women and children in need by empowering them to become more equipped in life, more confident and with more opportunity.

As i am passionate in children since years, I decided to go in the district of Tanahun, to support 10 rural student with special needs. I am also giving some English Lessons to the mainstream student in the school.

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