A common question that every online fundraiser asks when they’re launching a campaign is how they’ll spread the word and get support from audiences beyond their friends and family.

How do you get journalists and bloggers to write about your online fundraising campaign? How do you develop a campaign that gets people so excited about what you’re doing that they’ll donate?

These are the questions we’ve seen asked about and we’re happy to share this blog post that helps to answer all of them.  Here’s how you can get started now:

#1: Create an organized list of all your contacts.

Knowing who your audience is and how to reach them is a must before launching an online fundraising campaign. Getting all of those contacts organized in one place is a smart move.

#2: Select your medium depending on your audience.

You can further devide your contact list, for example:

  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Colleagues
  • Business partners

And you can then select your medium, for example:

  • Students: social media: Facebook, Google+, Instagram
  • Teachers: email with university email.
  • Colleagues: email with business email.
  • Business partners: email with business email.
  • Use appropriate language to connect with your specific sub audience.

#3: Draft how you’ll talk about your project ahead of time.

In addition to putting together a compelling video and description, plan content for updates, emails, and social media before you launch. Share the language with your team to make sure that everyone’s on the same page.

We are working on a work sheet to share with you, you can expect it soon!

#4: Plan how you’ll approach press and bloggers.

Research publications and blogs that cover your online fundraiser’s themes. A blog, magazine, or Facebook group with a dedicated following might do more to help you reach the right people than a larger publication with a less focused group of readers.

#5: Assemble a team of trusted champions.

It’s okay to ask for help, especially when you have trustworthy and talented champions. Think about people that have helped you with projects in the past, and kindly ask them to share and promote your online fundraising campaign.

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