Dhanyabad (thank-you) to these Change Makers!
THNA Founder Jody Dontje

Every single day the faces of the children, men and women that my charity team and I are helping flicker through my mind, filling my heart with yearning and motivation, my heartfelt wish is to return to them- I hope to return to Nepal to help in person for 5 months.

If I am able to gain the financial support for a 5 month period, there is absolutely no doubt that I will be able to move the charity immensely forward, building the team, NGO/Charity affiliations, business affiliations/support, growing our 7 active programs, providing life-changing experiences to international individuals, undergoing vital research and reaching more children, men and women needing help in Nepal.

It is with a heart-filled with gratitude and a risen energy that I say a VERY SPECIAL DHANYABAD (THANK-YOU) to all of the supporters so!

RAISED SO FAR: $580.00!

That is a total opportunity of 29 DAYS helping in Nepal! ALMOST 1 MONTH!

Here are the INCREDIBLE Change Makers so far:

Supporter #1 Trav Trudgeon

Supporter #2 Josh Hazendonk

Supporter #3 Adriana

Supporter #4 Eleanor Andrews

Supporter #5 Hannah from Musa Masala

Supporter #6 Amba Grant

Supporter #7 Owedar Lewis

Supporter #8 Freya Fogliani

Supporter #9 Georgette Aikins (Monthly Supporter!)

Supporter #10 Jess Powell

Supporter #11 Eben Smith

Supporter #12 Daniel Xue

Supporter #13 Jorrit Broertjes

Supporter #14 Diane Pardoe

Supporter #15 Julie Ann Codimdim

Supporter #16 Abbethia Rene

Supporter #17 Gretha Dontje

Also a special dhanyabad to the various Anonymous Supporters!

Individual thank-you posts coming soon on The Help Nepal Appeal Facebook page!

You have all helped make such a positive difference,

Yours Sincerely,

Founder Jody Dontje

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