Welcome Vinod!

Welcome to the team of change makers Vinod! We are very happy that you have chosen Fundmycharitywork to fundraise money for the charities SSAFA and THNA!

Vinod started our very first campaign in the UK and we are honoured to be working together in raising funds for charity!

He is organising the Run for Nepal 2017 (UK) in order to raise money for SSAFA and THNA. Please check out his campaign right here.

Biography Vinod Shrestha

Born in Pokhara, Nepal . Joined the Brigade of Gurkhas in 1990, retired in 2012 on completion of colourful 22 Years of loyal service to the crown. Currently with Army Reserves and resides in Nuenaton, where I have been very closely working with the community and charities.

An effort to integrate and help people in need.

Welcome Justine!

I would like to introduce Justine to our Fundmycharitywork network! Swagatam(welcome) Justine!

Justine is our first French fundraiser and we are very proud to have her on board. Thank you for choosing Fundmycharitywork.com to raise funds for charity!

She started volunteering for The Help Nepal Appeal since this week and she is running an online fundraiser at the same time! With her campaign she is supporting 10 rural Special Needs children in the rural Tanahun District of Nepal to gain clean and sanitary individual beds for each child.

Please help Justine’s mission come true and check out her online fundraiser right here.

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