18 Tips for sharing your fundraising campaign online

We know that promoting an online fundraising campaign can feel tough. If your fundraising campaign hits a temporary “plateau” (as many do), it can feel like your promoting efforts aren’t paying off. What do we recommend?

Plan your promotion and collect your contacts that might be interested in your project before you launch. Brainstorm different ways to share your online fundraising campaign on each day of your campaign. You can plan in-person events like a fund raising dinner, host a walkathon, or get creative with how you share your project on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other networks.

Here are some tips to help you get started with planning your social media promotion:

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How to promote your online fundraising project

A common question that every online fundraiser asks when they’re launching a campaign is how they’ll spread the word and get support from audiences beyond their friends and family.

How do you get journalists and bloggers to write about your online fundraising campaign? How do you develop a campaign that gets people so excited about what you’re doing that they’ll donate?

These are the questions we’ve seen asked about and we’re happy to share this blog post that helps to answer all of them.  Here’s how you can get started now:

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