Every single day the faces of the children, men and women that we are helping run through my mind, filling my heart with yearning and motivation, my heartfelt wish is to return to them- I hope to return to Nepal to help for 5 months. I am a passionate, proactive and compassionate young lady who has dedicated most of my last 2 years to nourishing and supporting the lives of struggling men, women and children in Nepal. In 2016, I worked tirelessly with 3 demanding jobs to save for charity expenses, while running my ‘The Help Nepal Appeal’ charity voluntarily full-time on top of this. All administration fees and expenses come out of my savings, to ensure for non-for-profit transparency. Though I love to immensely invest in THNA, this lifestyle really has taken a toll on my health in the past and I realised I cannot continue to work in such a way sustainably in future. This is how has come to life, to allow me to fully dedicate my time to the people we are supporting in Nepal. Please support my efforts to support many.

By jody d