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The Student Leadership Council Program aims to assist Nepalese school SLC's. I aim to raise funds for the SLC of Samata Niketan School Kathmandu, in order to empower young students to influence the overall success and effectiveness of their schooling and education, by bridging the gap between students and teachers. In turn, increasing their ability to influence others in the community after graduation.
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About the Campaign

When you empower a person, you empower many others. Sustainable change comes from allowing people to reach their full potential so they can become more confident and able citizens in society.

The Student Leadership Council (SLC) seeks to empower students by making them leaders of their school community. The 5 students elected for the SLC act as the spokes people for all of the students in the school.

The SLC representatives are able to make decisions about where the SLC funding for the school should go, have weekly meetings to discuss school issues, activities and plans, and are able to speak freely with teachers, the Principal and other members of the school staff.

The SLC consists of a Captain, a Vice Captain, and 3 Active Members; all 5 members are presented with badges to showcase their leadership role in the school community. The SLC builds confidence, resilience, hard work ethic, consciousness about social and environment issues, develops skills with public speaking and also harnesses leadership potential for the future.

The SLC is a positive initiative that seeks to bridge the gap between students and teachers, to bring the school community together so that the school can move forward, have ideas brought to life and to deliver school graduates who have practised real-life skills of problem solving, forming opinions, being a positive influence for others and being active members of society.

Background information about The Help Nepal Appeal

On the 25th of April 2015, Nepal was hit by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake that ripped from the epicenter 48 miles (77 km) Northwest of Kathmandu right throughout Nepal followed by two large aftershocks that killed over 9000 people destroying villages and leaving thousands without homes.

Founder Jody Lee Dontje set her life mission after that day to give back and help the Nepali people get there lives back together so that they can become independent again with needing our help. This is when TNHA was born.

About THNA

“The Help Nepal Appeal” is a social platform that brings people from around the world together, to allow individuals and organisations locally and globally to reach remote parts of Nepal. We empower national citizens and volunteers from Nepal as well as international volunteers from around the globe.

Relying mainly on social media, our non-for-profit social initiative shines light onto the power of human connection and story sharing.

Our greatest passion is empowerment, we seek to empower communities, families and individuals so that they become independent and not depend on our help. We allow men, women and children to prosper and flourish, to create more sustainable ways of helping.

“The Help Nepal Appeal” team believes that every human being has the right to:

– A Quality Education.

– A Safe Home & Learning Environment.

– Clean Food and Water.

– Hope for the Future.

We aim to help people gain these rights through 4 main focuses; education, construction, empowerment and sustainable change.

“The Help Nepal Appeal” aims to provide the basic human rights through the following Action Avenues:

  •  Empowerment (this is our Umbrella Value) Programs: Enabling the Nepali communities, families and individuals to become independent, not dependent on us.
  • Tailored Volunteer Programs (Empowering Internationally and Nationally)
  • Providing Valuable Resources to People in Need (with a Sustainable Approach): Answering cries for help; providing resources for survival along with a sustainable program focusing on empowerment.
  • Construction (Empowering Approach; with the involvement of locals): Creating safe home and learning environments, and empowering locals in the process.
  • Teaching Programs (Enabling the Prospering of Education)

fb: @thehelpnepalappeal

instagram: the_help_nepal_appeal


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  • Melvin

    Thank you so much for fundraising for The Help Nepal Appeal on Fundmycharitywork Frankie! You’ve done an amazing job so far already, thank you! Good luck with fundraising 1000 AUD and enjoy Nepal!

    June 20, 2017 at 4:39 am Reply