Mosul Field Hospital + Salam LADC

The site of new field hospital in West Mosul needs assistance, i'm leaving volunteering efforts here in Lebanon to be of any assistance to them in emergency efforts as well as research opportunities for Salam LADC to fill voids in current aid efforts in Iraq.
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About the Campaign

75% of funds raised:
I’m currently leaving a short stint with Salam LADC here in Lebanon and heading east to Iraqi Kurdistan till August 1st(Erbil/Mosul) to assist Adventist Help and ADRA in collaborative efforts to assist refugees fleeing the city. The larger portions of funds raised here will be going towards multiple outlets. The money raised within this portion (with receipts posted on Facebook) will be going directly towards emergency medical supplies for a newly set-up field hospital outside Mosul as they are needed there on the ground. 
Links to ADRA and Adventist Help –,

25% of funds raised:
I’ve never been the type to ask for assistance in this field, unfortunately due to lost baggage many materials had to be re-purchased personally in order to achieve this trip’s objective. I’m making all aware that 25% of funds raised will be used to reimburse only a small portion of the costs associated with these unforeseen circumstances (Insurance would not cover goods of this nature).

Finally, by donating through Fundmycharitywork, a small amount of each dollar is also helping this great organisation continue their excellent work in Nepal!!

All receipts will be available from myself by the middle of August. Amounts used to assist me personally within unforeseen circumstances will be fully disclosed on request (capped at 25%).

The trip will also look to serve as research for near-future operations to be conducted alongside Salam LADC as they look to establish projects in Iraq and therefore all remaining funds from this portion will be sent directly to Salam LADC here in Lebanon.
Link to Salam LADC (Lebanon) –

I encourage anyone who wants to know more about this campaign or looks to be directly involved in upcoming projects to not hesitate in contacting me via Facebook (Ben Emanuel Alexander) or email ( 


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