Another dhanyabad (thank-you) to incredible Change Makers!

THNA Founder Jody Dontje

As it gets closer to the date I dream of returning to Nepal to help the children, men and women we are supporting my mind lingers to reaching the fundraising goal to be able to have this volunteering dream come true. I know that if finances allow me, I will be able to completely move the charity forward, further building the team, NGO/Charity affiliations, business affiliations/support, growing our 7 active programs, undergoing vital research and providing life-changing experiences to international individuals. Furthermore, most importantly, being in Nepal myself means reaching more children, men and women calling out for help.

As Transparency is our charity’s value, you can download my Achievement Booklet: Help One Help Many that shares everything that was achieved in 4 months of my time volunteering in Nepal! Hopefully once you read this booklet you can see more clearly the positive impact I will have in the span of 5 months.

Now, it is with an immensely large heart-filled with gratitude and a risen energy that I say a VERY SPECIAL DHANYABAD (THANK-YOU) to all of the supporters so far!

RAISED SO FAR: $1257.00!

That is a total opportunity of 63 DAYS helping in Nepal! OVER 2 MONTHS!


Here are the INCREDIBLE Change Makers so far:

Supporter #1 Trav Trudgeon (donated twice)

Supporter #2 Josh Hazendonk

Supporter #3 Adriana

Supporter #4 Eleanor Andrews

Supporter #5 Hannah from Musa Masala

Supporter #6 Amba Grant

Supporter #7 Owedar Lewis

Supporter #8 Freya Fogliani

Supporter #9 Georgette Aikins (Monthly Supporter!)

Supporter #10 Jess Powell

Supporter #11 Eben Smith

Supporter #12 Daniel Xue

Supporter #13 Jorrit Broertjes

Supporter #14 Diane Pardoe

Supporter #15 Julie Ann Codimdim

Supporter #16 Abbethia Rene

Supporter #17 Gretha Dontje

Supporter #18 Steven Van Velzen

Supporter #19 Shannon Ruddell

Supporter #20 Marga Eeken

Supporter #21 Simon Dorr

Supporter #22 Aldo/Julia Figarella

Supporter #23 Janine Hipkins

Supporter #24 Victoria Vacala

Supporter #25 Michael McLaughlin (Musa Masala)

Supporter #26 Jenny Copeman

Supporter #27 Steffen Vollert

Supporter #28 Mindy Au

Also a special DHANYABAD to the various Anonymous Supporters!

Individual thank-you posts coming soon on The Help Nepal Appeal Facebook page!

You have all helped make such a positive difference,


Yours Sincerely,

Founder Jody Dontje

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