We know that promoting an online fundraising campaign can feel tough. If your fundraising campaign hits a temporary “plateau” (as many do), it can feel like your promoting efforts aren’t paying off. What do we recommend?

Plan your promotion and collect your contacts that might be interested in your project before you launch. Brainstorm different ways to share your online fundraising campaign on each day of your campaign. You can plan in-person events like a fund raising dinner, host a walkathon, or get creative with how you share your project on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other networks.

Here are some tips to help you get started with planning your social media promotion:

#1: Make sure you’re talking about your fundraising campaign in a way that allows newcomers to easily understand what you’re fundraising for!

#2: Always include a link to your fundraising page … ALWAYS.

#3: Think of your Facebook and Instagram post as a headline for your project. What phrase or image would instantly grab someone’s attention?

#4: Don’t focus on the money you’re fundraising, focus on what you’re fundraising for.

#5: Use our  hashtag #fundmycharitywork in every post.

#6: Know your audience and how much of a following you have on each social media platform you plan on using. Having a following before you launch is important!

#7: If you have a large following on any social network, make sure those communities know about your online fundraising campaign before you launch.

#8: Think about whether or not you would repost the content that you’re sharing. If you wouldn’t, considering how you could make it more engaging.

#9: Include cool images and GIFs that show your online fundraising project in action. Make sure that media is under 5MB so that it’s easily shareable.

#10: Are people talking about your online fundraising project on your fundraising page? Asking questions? Respond to them — let them know that you’re actively listening.

#11: Make it easy for donors to share your project. You can consider drafting facebook posts or tweets and include them in your campaign updates. (There are also share buttons on your campaign page.)

#12: Do you have any donors with large online followings? Send them a tailored message asking them if they wouldn’t mind sharing your fundraising campaign with their network (and again, include some language to make easy as pie for them to share).

#13: Introduce yourself or your team in your biography and answer questions in the comment section of your fundraising campaign.

#14: Research specific online communities that might be interested in what you’re fundraising for. Share your project and be clear about why you think it’s a fit for that community. Don’t be spammy.

#15: We repeat: don’t be spammy.

#16: Post interesting updates during your campaign and share them widely.

#17: Use a social media management tool to schedule posts and maintain consistency. You can consider using Hootsuite with a free account.

#18: Thank every individual donor in the comment section, show that every donation is appreciated.

Any questions? We love to hear from you!

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