About Us- The Humans Behind FMCW

We understand the struggle to fundraise, to start an initiative from simply an idea, and to develop the confidence within oneself to become public to the world as someone making a positive difference. We lived the journey of creating and growing a community who believe in the cause we dedicate ourselves to, our non-for-profit charity ‘The Help Nepal Appeal’ . After years of overcoming obstacles, having many support our charity efforts, we want to give back to others around the world by providing a supportive platform that nourishes charitable ideas and empowers people to realise their potential to help others.

FundMyCharityWork.com is not an automated computer, running via encrypted codes and online developed software, but two human beings passionate about empowering others to reach their full potential. We are Jody Dontje and Melvin Sjerps, two individuals dedicated to making a positive difference in this world.

Jody Dontje
Co-founder, Charity Trustee, Treasurer

Jody is a qualified teacher and humanitarian, who founded a non-for-profit charity in 2015 called The Help Nepal Appeal (THNA).


Jody Dontje Fund My Charity Work

Melvin Sjerps
Co-founder, Charity Trustee, President

Melvin is a passionate website designer and entrepreneur, who made the website for The Help Nepal Appeal in 2016.


Melvin Sjerps - Fund My Charity Work

Nick Dop
Charity Trustee, Secretary

We are delighted to have Nick on board as our third board member. He holds a Master in Business Studies and he mainly focuses on improving business processes in his every day job for one of the largest e-commerce companies in the Netherlands.

To learn more about our story of ‘The Help Nepal Appeal’, click to watch our video right here:

We are all human beings, we love, we have struggles, we overcome obstacles, and we change and grow. Let’s be the social beings we were born to be, and live together in a community that creates positive ripple effects in society, that truly makes a positive difference.

More information about Stichting Fund My Charity Work
RSIN number: 857741408
Chamber of Commerce registration number: 69113777
Mail address: Willemsweg 45, 1623 JB, Hoorn, the Netherlands

Download the Articles of Association(in Dutch) right here.
Download the Policy plan of Fundmycharitywork(in Dutch) right here.
Download the Policy plan of Fundmycharitywork(in English) right here. Please know that we are currently writing our Policy Plan in English. We are expecting to publish the English version in August 2017.

Please know that our board members are unpaid. They will only receive a compensation for the costs they made while performing their board member duties.