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Age: 9 DOB: Class: 4 Single Mother: Sandhaya B.K. Falling in love, Sandhaya married and decided to bring 3 beautiful children into the world. After the birth of her eldest son and then Aakrati and Aruna, unfortunately, Sandhaya was faced with looking after her children alone. Her husband, who she had loved, decided to abandon the family and no longer take responsibility for their care.
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  • 347 Days Left

By Melvin

Ine van Iersel is celebrating her birthday on the 17th of September and she is kind enough to pledge all her birthday money to The Help Nepal Appeal charity efforts! All her friends and family participated and donated generously.
  • 140.00% Funded
  • $280.00 Pledged
  • Campaign has ended

By Melvin

Joep and Patrick will organise a party during the fire work show in Hoorn and all money raised during the party will be pledged to The Help Nepal Appeal charity efforts!
  • 120.00% Funded
  • $360.00 Pledged
  • Campaign has ended
The site of new field hospital in West Mosul needs assistance, i'm leaving volunteering efforts here in Lebanon to be of any assistance to them in emergency efforts as well as research opportunities for Salam LADC to fill voids in current aid efforts in Iraq.
  • 25.18% Funded
  • $1,070.00 Pledged
  • Campaign has ended
A new field hospital has been set up in Iraqi Kurdistan to assist over 100,000 civilians fleeing the fighting in Mosul. I will be travelling there to assist with emergency first aid and interpretation for medical staff.
  • 100.09% Funded
  • $7,006.00 Pledged
  • Campaign has ended

By olib.

The Student Leadership Council Program aims to assist Nepalese school SLC's. I aim to raise funds for the SLC of Samata Niketan School Kathmandu, in order to empower young students to influence the overall success and effectiveness of their schooling and education, by bridging the gap between students and teachers. In turn, increasing their ability to influence others in the community after graduation.
  • 130.83% Funded
  • $785.00 Pledged
  • Campaign has ended
Imagine being a child and having to share a wooden platform (a little like a simple wooden table) no more than a few metres wide with 9 other children all at the back of your classroom, where the likelihood of sickness spreading easily is surrounding you and you have no space to call your own.I will be running the Gold Coast half marathon to help raise valuable funds to build specially designed bunk beds for this group of Special Needs school children in rural Nepal, every $ you donate will help make a huge difference to the lives of these children and really mean the world to me.
  • 200.64% Funded
  • $1,103.50 Pledged
  • Campaign has ended
“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” (Nelson Mandela). As our team believes that every child deserves a quality education, we have a passion for supporting students of low-socioeconomic status; students who are undergoing immense struggles financially still deserve the right to gain a life-changing education. Therefore, we started our ‘Save a Child’ Sponsorship Program.
  • 126.00% Funded
  • $630.00 Pledged
  • Campaign has ended
Every single day the faces of the children, men and women that we are helping run through my mind, filling my heart with yearning and motivation, my heartfelt wish is to return to them- I hope to return to Nepal to help for 5 months. I am a passionate, proactive and compassionate young lady who has dedicated most of my last 2 years to nourishing and supporting the lives of struggling men, women and children in Nepal. In 2016, I worked tirelessly with 3 demanding jobs to save for charity expenses, while running my ‘The Help Nepal Appeal’ charity voluntarily full-time on top of this. All administration fees and expenses come out of my savings, to ensure for non-for-profit transparency. Though I love to immensely invest in THNA, this lifestyle really has taken a toll on my health in the past and I realised I cannot continue to work in such a way sustainably in future. This is how has come to life, to allow me to fully dedicate my time to the people we are supporting in Nepal. Please support my efforts to support many.
  • 96.25% Funded
  • $4,812.50 Pledged
  • 12 Days Left

By jody d

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